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Leg day workshop

Sunday 4th August 9:30am



Do you struggle to grow your leg muscles? Does the thought of wearing shorts provide anxiety? Are you unsure on why things aren’t working? Do you want awesome legs?



Wear any clothing you like without the anxiety of ‘do my legs look small?’. Embrace intense training and the workout buzz. Enjoy having legs to be proud of #showthemoff. Step up your intentions when it comes to looking after ‘you’

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Enjoy a morning of practical and theory from FF founder and former Mr Britain Jack Stokle. Jack will teach you all his secrets on how he built championship winning legs.

Reason to attend

1.     It’s always worth stating the obvious that you’ll learn/do more in a longer session with a smaller group than you can on your own. Whilst following your training program works on a progression basis (we’re always working through programmes of exercises), you can just go that much deeper in longer workshops or events and you’ll be sure to learn new things and have new experiences.

Reason to attend

2.      You’ll get a freshen up on your current training programme.

Reason to attend

3.   You get the opportunity to ask questions. Perhaps something that’s been bugging you for a while but you felt too silly to ask. In fact if you were to ask in advance, we’d be able to incorporate practical answers to your questions in the workshop.

Reason to attend

4.     You are making a statement about the importance of taking time out, just for you. Sometimes we shy away from a morning out, a coffee with a good friend or special events because we feel guilty about taking time away from family, home or work but you are absolutely worth spoiling. Do you remember the times you spent playing as a child or just going for a walk ‘because’? If guilt is stopping you from an indulgent few hours for you, stop it now. Do stuff that makes you happy. Do stuff that makes you laugh. And come back to your ‘stuff’ refreshed and renewed. We all know the old saying that you can’t feed your neighbour from an empty cup.

Reason to attend

5.     Fitness events will also give you an opportunity to encourage others in your team, providing you with accountability and also being able to give back. Even the fittest members of your team will need a little support when the going gets tough and don’t underestimate the power of encouraging someone else en route when you are struggling with the pace.

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