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Fitness Fraternity Gym is a specialist strength & fitness gym. We have a purpose driven atmosphere & training culture. We have outstanding personal customer care & and empowering staff.
Our gym is comprised of free weights, resistance machines, plate loaded resistance machines & cardiovascular equipment.
Autopilot isn’t an option.

Newcastle’s best strength gym. Open to everyone, our gym floor is empowering. A results driven training environment, coupled with some of the UK’s best strength equipment, our gym floor is the place to be.

Personal Training:
Intimate, professional, results driven training. Your goal is our goal. Personal training with The Fitness Fraternity is the best opportunity for success. We work with you, push you and take you step by step to your goal.
The Fitness Fraternity isn’t just your run of the mill personal training service. We are a team of highly committed, meticulous, professional trainers that walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

SichCuts is our in-house barber service @ HQ. Siobhan and her team are perfectionists. SichCuts understand the importance of feeling AMAZING and knows just how important your haircut is to you! SichCuts offer haircuts with a new school vibe with impeccable standards. You want the full HQ experience? You need a trim with Siobhan and her team too. 

Located within reception, Releaf Physiotherapy strive to push beyond the boundaries of traditional physiotherapy to adequately prepare you for returning to activity. Releaf Physio blend performance training with rehabilitation techniques to provide a service that is innovative and unrivalled.

"Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It's about being better than you used to be."

- Unknown

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