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Hey everyone I'm Saed.

I'm thrilled to join you as your newest Member Liaison, armed with extensive knowledge to accompany you on your unique fitness journey. Whether you're a seasoned athlete, competitor, or simply seeking a lifestyle change, I'm here to offer unwavering support and assistance to the best of my abilities. Despite any initial impressions (I may appear intense due to my pre-workout buzz), I assure you, I'm approachable and always ready to lend an ear.
Having been a former member at FF, I may already know some of you, but I eagerly anticipate forging new friendships and strengthening existing bonds. You can find me downstairs, beside the stairs, in a space I've personalized to feel inviting and cosy—a spot where you can freely chat or share your thoughts without reservation. My background as a certified nutritionist and specialist in bodybuilding and strength and conditioning has honed my listening skills, ensuring I'll be there for you every step of the way, not just as another personal trainer.
My lifelong passion for sports, fitness, and health led me from youth football leagues to the weight room, culminating in a degree in Biomedical Sciences, with a focus on exercise physiology and nutrition. Now, I'm dedicated to utilizing this knowledge to help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential.
My expertise spans various areas, including nutrition, physiology, biomechanics, and sports psychology, all of which I'm eager to share with you. But enough about me—let's talk food! With a love for culinary exploration stemming from my Egyptian heritage, I'm always open to new culinary adventures and recommendations.
Now, let's dive into how I can support you as your Member Liaison:
Guidance: Drawing from my background in Biomedical Sciences and specialization in S&C and bodybuilding, I offer comprehensive guidance to optimise your workout routines and nutritional plans.
Motivation: Everyone experiences dips in motivation, but I'm here to provide the encouragement and support you need to stay on track and push through any challenges.
Support: Your fitness journey is unique, and I'm committed to offering personalized support tailored to your specific goals and obstacles.
Community: As part of the FF community, I'll work to foster camaraderie through events, challenges, and social gatherings.
Here's how you'll benefit from having me as your liaison:
Personalised Attention: With me by your side, you'll receive personalised attention and support tailored to your needs.
Expert Advice: Whether it's workout tips, nutritional guidance, or strategies to overcome plateaus, I offer expert advice grounded in scientific research and industry best practices.
Accountability: I'll help keep you focused and committed to your goals through gentle nudges and reminders.
A Friend in Your Corner: Beyond being your liaison, I'm here to celebrate your victories and offer support during tough times.
Ready to embark on your fitness journey? Don't hesitate—find me on the gym floor, email me at, or book a chat via the member app. Let's make 2024 our most successful year yet!
See you at the gym!
Saed 💪🥗🏋️‍♂️

Contact Info

Drop me an email and let's start getting swole


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