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All or Nothing

Are you a gym bro who needs to reconsider your approach?

Is your life becoming all consumed by lifting weights and protein shakes?


All or nothing. Often a phrase only considered for elite athletes, not your Average Joe or Gym Bro. Yet, its an approach adopted by Gym Bros and neglected by Average Joes.


FF’s Definition:

A state of all: A pure, intense, relentless desire to achieve “greatness”. A state of focus, a single-minded approach that consumes every cell in your body. The overwhelming, irresistible compulsion to be excellent. There isn’t a moment your senses aren’t alight with a burning desire to succeed. No thought, compassion or energy is given to any person or thing outside of the predetermined task ahead. Intense stuff!


Recently I talked on video about an all or nothing approach for an obese person. To minimise the risk of a stroke or heart attack, I wholeheartedly agree with adopting a state of all. If your health reaches a state where balance won’t get you to a safe point quick enough, you need a state of all.

Unfortunately, for multiple reasons, most in this situation adopt of state of nothing.


Now, lets consider an avid gym goer who exercises for their own benefit. Their physique isn’t their income. Their health is in good condition, they exercise frequently, and maintain a modest diet of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Through my own experience and observation, some avid gym goers will adopt a state of all as their approach to attaining a “result”.


What did that meme say? ”Suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion.” Yeah, that’s the one. Pretty simple I suppose. Be the hardest worker in the room…and get results. Easy! Right?


Well, what happens if you don't want to be constantly suffering, and haven't set goals of being a world champion? Then you need a balanced approach. An FF approach.


Building muscle and getting in shape without painstaking sacrifice is achievable and done so with efficient systems. Efficient training programmes, efficient communication, efficient nutrition, and efficient lifestyle protocols. Building a physique to be proud of is like a business. You want to make the most money (muscle) possible, in the shortest amount of time, in the most efficient way. Nobody wants to work 16 hours per day, 7 days per week. What's the point in working harder than everyone else if your results don't show it?


If your life is being negatively affected by an overwhelming compulsion to “succeed” then The Fitness Fraternity will help. We have the experience, empathy, and skills to create efficient systems for you. We have professionals who have felt the constraints of ultimate restriction and sacrifice. Professionals who have worked on themselves to discover an alternative way to succeed and will help you too!


Why work excessively hard when you can work smart?


If you take one thing away from this week’s blog post, I hope it is a reflection on your current approach / systems. Is your approach to reaching your goal efficient? If not, you know what to do…email efficient to


We have done the hard work, so you don’t have to.


Have an awesome, efficient, week training.



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