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Lifting With Intent

The Fitness Fraternity is a proud strength gym. We are committed to helping you evolve into seasoned lifters, and want to share some knowledge with you in the coming blog posts.

To grow big, strong muscles you must form of mental state where the brain is committed in carrying out a particular action. We have coined this “lifting with intent”.


When you lift with more intent, you activate more motor units (the combination of the muscle fibre and the motor neurone activating it) this in-turn leads to a higher percentage of the total muscle being activated, therefore leading to a greater force being produced.

When you are lifting with intent, you are in every sense, envisioning the muscles that are to be predominately used in the lift. This involves gripping the bar tight with a firm grip, bracing the core and maintaining centre of mass (COM).

Depending on the type of action; whether it’s a machine, dumbbell or barbell lift, you need to secure your feet firmly on the floor and drive the power from the ground thorough to the limbs being utilised.

The movement should be controlled, smooth and comfortable, but explosive!

Without intent in every lift, you could still produce the desired outcome but by exerting a lot more unnecessary effort in the wrong direction.

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