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Success Leaves Clues

“Success leaves clues”. Pretty self-explanatory right?

Successful people have great habits and repeat them daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. In principle…it isn’t rocket science. Yet we all from time to time seem to not be able to crack this whole fitness thing. This game we play where we are trying to build muscle, stay lean and not let it impact our own lives too much.

Building a physique and a balanced life to be proud of is achievable, it is not eutopia. However, how do you access the clues of those that achieve it?

I propose we look at the phrase “success leaves clues” a little different.

Most of us have 16 hours awake each day, and we spend most of it talking. Talking, talking, talking. We are allllll guilty of it.

A novel ideal…what if we spent more time listening and observing?

Listening to those that balance their workload with their training and their nutrition with their social life. Observing how someone executes their pull down, their leg press and so on.

Our mission is to give you the best platform to ask questions, listen and observe.

• We have established a WhatsApp community group for all members to communicate with not only each other but with our coaches.

• We are upgrading our entrance system and app to offer exclusive workout plans, data tracking and video tutorials.

• Launching a podcast with industry leaders as guests to offer their experiences & advice.

• Gym Floor Q&A days, available to book via the new member app.

When you are surrounded by likeminded and skilled individuals, in an empowering environment, your opportunity for growth is endless.

We implore you to communicate with HQ coaches and other members, but most importantly, listen to each other!

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