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The Trilogy

Teamwork. There are endless inspirational quotes about teamwork which help create and understand it's importance. Teamwork is here to stay, and we believe we all need it now more than ever. 


Think about your current goals and lifestyle. There will be members of your team who you didn’t even know were part of Team You. 


From the barista at your local coffee joint, who says good morning with a huge smile everyday, to your parents and family members providing unconditional and unwavering love. Most people in your life are part of your team - and we think that is amazing. 


At The Fitness Fraternity we have a team that has balance, experience and passion. We have created a team for you. 3 more people in your corner - shouting for you, supporting you, motivating you. 


Jade - the hostess with the mostess. Bright, compassionate and orgnaised; Jade keeps the wheels spinning at FF. She brightens up the room with her positivity. Her compassion makes her a backbone for emotional support and her organisational skills help map out your future. She will help gather all the information she needs from you, then create & organise your plan of success. 


Saed - Mr Down to Business. Saed is highly motivated and highly intelligent. Saed brings science, experience and motivation to your training & nutrition programs. There isn’t a beat he misses. Your success is his success and he thrives off it. If you have a goal, Saed has a goal too. He brings commitment and results to your life. 


Jack - the orchestrator. Vision, growth and a relentless desire for excellence. You won’t meet a gym owner who cares more. Blessed with a wealth of life and training experience, Jack brings you the opportunity to focus on your mindset. He helps you see your vision, your ambition, your purpose and helps map it out for you. He will offer a balanced and experienced perspective. Through the trials and tribulations of business, bodybuilding and life, Jack has a wealth of knowledge that can be called upon at any moment. If you want to grow your mindset, then reach out to Jack!


Teamwork - Jade, Saed & Jack work together to bring you the ultimate support network. Daily communication, weekly meetings & monthly goals - this team is with you all the way. Do not think for a second you are alone, you got your team, now use them!


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