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A blog post or a rant?

“Don’t take criticism off someone you wouldn’t take advice from”.

True or false?

We would argue most would say TRUE!

So, why oh why do we criticize ourselves because of random people on the internet telling us we aren’t grinding hard enough.

Ask yourself this; would I genuinely seek advice from this person? If I had an unlimited budget, and desperately wanted fitness advice, would I trust (and pay) this person?

If the answer is no, then we would urge you to unfollow or ignore their comments.

You are you, and that’s what makes you so unique. You are living your life and trying your best!

At The Fitness Fraternity, we are an exceptional gym, with exceptional coaches, who are exceptionally normal. We love a beer (or 10), we love a cake (or 3) and we also love working out.

If someone on the internet is taking over your positive thoughts, switch them off.

If you wouldn’t take advice from them, then please do not take their criticism.

Keep trying your best, and if you do want exceptional advice, you will find us at the bar (although depending on what day and time of the week, the bar varies).

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