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My battle with Drug & Alcohol Addiction by Coach Simon Taylor

Coach Simon has courageously told his journey and allowed us to share it with you all.

From battling drug and alcohol addiction, to becoming the most empathetic and worldly coach we have at FF, we are eternally grateful to have Simon’s wisdom and experience on our gym floor.

Please take time and care to read what Simon has to say about his journey and to watch the full story.

Simon, over to you…

“Once I had made the decision to change and had finished my stay at a residential rehab facility, it was time to implement more changes.

While in rehab, we were given two gym slots per week and I gratefully took them up. As the weeks went by and I was beginning to feel better, I realised that the gym was a safe place for me to be in.

After returning home from rehab, I engaged the services of a PT.

This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

It gave me structure, goals but most of all I noticed the huge changes it made to my mental wellbeing.

Every time I had been to the gym, I came out feeling so much better. Even when there were dark times and there are plenty when you are in early recovery, I always left the gym feeling great. It wasn’t the reducing weight or changing body shape, it was purely the feeling that I had done something that was having such a positive effect on my mental and physical health and how it made me feel.

My PT, who is one of the people I can never thank enough for saving my life, suggested that I should maybe retrain as a PT and use my experience to help others. So I did and here I am!

I now have a wonderful life. A job I truly love. Fully reconnected with family and friends. Involved with some wonderful charities and organisations.

Mostly I get the chance to help others turn their lives around and to live a life I love.

I can say honestly the gym saved my life and it continues to, to this day.

We are never too young or too old to make changes to improve our lives.

The gym is for everyone. Give it a try, it may just save your life. It did for me.

See you on the gym floor.”

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