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Gyms - they want your money without your attendance. Yes or no?

Most gym models operate on high volume of customers but low volume attendance.

Here's a little industry secret. The battle for most gyms as a business model is members per square footage. Once the gym gets too busy they have to stop selling memberships.

So what is the solution to that?

That's right target people who just want a membership at a gym to get their participation medal with no real intention of using it consistently and therefore never achieving any meaningful results.

There's a reason why the most successful national franchise gyms are generally uninspiring environments. No it's not just a you problem that you didn't make any progress while you were there.

In our honest opinion - this is absolutely ridiculous and a huge huge flaw within the fitness industry.

Zero support, zero accountability, pay and don’t show up - mental!

So with that rant over, at The Fitness Fraternity, if we see everyone doing something one way then you can bet we're gonna do it completely the opposite!

We want to see you @HQ getting results (this is one of the reasons we email, text and social media you so much).

Our success is a reflection of your success. We will continue to grow and grow only if your muscles and experience do and this is why we no longer fall under the category of gym.

We have launched our brand new coaching app: Fraternity Gym Ncl.

(We know it says gym in the app name, think of it as in ironic reminder that we're not a gym, we're a results facility)

Our coaching app is for all members and will become the foundation for your success.

You will receive a personalised workout plan and access to the coaching app. Here you track your nutrition, log your sleep and message your coach alongside access to your plans and video tutorials. Education, support and accountability all in one.

FF Members PT in their pocket is here. Designed by professionals, engineered for FF members!

Our team have:

20,000+ gym floor hours

Multiple degrees

Decorated bodybuilding awards

The team has walked the walk, and now it’s our members time too!

If you are a member and want to know more - please reach out to If you are thinking about joining FF, please reach out to Jack at

See you in your pocket, online or at HQ very soon!

Jack, Jade & Saed

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