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The Future Often Looks Somewhat Like the Past

As we approach the end of January, I thought it was a poignant time to check in and ask how’s it going?

Has your year started well? Are you on track to reach your 2024 goals? I sincerely hope you are thriving. If you aren’t, what’s your plan?


I am a firm believer if you want to change the future, then you must look at your past. If your future outcomes aren’t being achieved, maybe it’s history repeating itself…again!


Success is an accumulation of your daily choices and decisions. If you aren’t achieving the success you wish, more than likely your daily choices aren’t supporting your goal; the future often looks somewhat like the past.

Often effort isn’t the main reason for failure. It is usually misguided energy or incorrect choices.

If past decisions are continuing in your daily life, I encourage you to become a lot more introspective. Asses the situation and make change.


If you are wanting to assess your past choices and would like to succeed in 2024, Fitness Fraternity is here for you! Our DM’s are open or the coffee (albeit instant) can be brewed. The Fitness Fraternity has the wealth of experience that you need to call upon to act in 2024.


Together, we can make your future look nothing like your past!



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