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The Race to the Bottom

The race to the bottom refers to a competitive situation where a company, state, or nation attempts to undercut the competition's prices by sacrificing quality standards or worker safety (often defying regulation) or reducing labour costs.

It is a phrase often used within a business setting, not a fitness environment. However, this approach to business may also have similarities to your approach to fat loss…and why you aren’t getting the results you would like.


Now, lets imagine you are the company, the undercutting is your approach, and the quality of standards is your outcome.


A race to the bottom occurs whenever competition becomes so endemic that it leads to negative consequences and externalities. For instance, businesses may cut corners and sacrifice quality to maintain low prices and keep market share.


In a race to the bottom, or in fitness terms a race to losing fat, “the competition” is the internal pressure you place upon yourself. It may be driven by social media, a history of “failed” diets / being overweight or a negative mindset.

The cutting corners is your drastic and desperate approach to cutting calories and increasing your energy expenditure. There are only so many corners you can cut, before you have a circle, and you are running around it aimlessly.

Sacrificing quality is your short-term approach to a long-term problem. How long can you realistically survive a extreme approach of a low-calorie, high-energy expenditure?


In the end, tit-for-tat undercutting leads businesses and governments to literally race each other to the bottom of the barrel in a destructive spiral.

Sound familiar to your previous attempts at fat loss?


Now reflect upon successful business. What are they mostly built with?

A great team

Solid foundations

Efficient operating systems

Clear communication


Now reflect upon your past approaches to fat loss. Have they met the criteria above?

If you feel you would like help in racing to success, not the bottom, then please reach out to us today. We can help bring so much more happiness to your life, not just your fat loss goal.

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